Monday, April 7, 2014

Been a Little While

So I haven't been the most disciplined on this blog lately and with good cause for the most part.  I've been trying very hard to eliminate my extra gut as I'm tired of going out and people asking, "when are you due?"

This wouldn't be so insulting if I actually was pregnant, but rest assure, I'm not pregnant nor plan on any kids.  As a result, I upped my strategy of attending Kung Fu/kickboxing between three and four times a week.  I've also kept busy with a class at a local community college that meets once a week which is fine by me since I'm frequently in and out of town.

In any event, I did a combination of a vintage recipe and ethnic recipe in one throw a couple of weeks back.  However, for the sake of the challenge, we called this one a vintage one from the Hilo Woman's Club Cookbook (A Taste of the Islands) Over 300 Authentic Hawaiian Recipes entitled Crab Souffle.

Crab Souffle
I like souffles for their simple ingredients, complex process and delicate taste.  Though for this particular souffle, I had somewhat mixed results even though the boyfriend didn't seem to mind.  I think he was being a bit too far polite since it was kinda runny and didn't set right.

The souffle called for:
2 c cream sauce
3 eggs
1 c grated cheese
2 c crab meat
Dash of cayenne or tabasco sauce

Directions for the dish were pretty straight forward as well, or at least so I thought:
Add well beaten egg yolks, cheese and cayenne to the cream sauce which has been made quite thick.  Add flaked crab meat and beaten whites of eggs.  Back in quick oven until puffed and brown--about 25 minutes in 350 oven.

We'll try this one again and some point.  Just not this month as we decided to embark the challenge of being vegan.  I happened to be watching a documentary and thought, oh six weeks, that shouldn't be too bad, maybe I could pull of a month.  I can tell you that its only day seven, and I already miss my cheese and I think the boyfriend misses his honey as he polished off the rest of the maple syrup like Winnie the Pooh this morning.  He says there wasn't much in there but still, let's be real here.

While observing the month of veganism, the cooking challenge still remains intact.  So with that being said: Gabon will be our first vegan challenge dish.