Monday, February 17, 2014

Salted Pork Redeems the Danes

This past week I researched the culinary wonders of Denmark.  I can't exactly see why it was noted as Michelin star worthy for some local eateries since most of the dishes I had researched look very bland and unappetizing.  I was hoping for some flavor like the previous attempts at ethnic food, but sadly, the only thing that redeemed the dish I prepared was the salted pork.

I am not big on pork to begin with but since I wanted to end the weekend breaking my predominate vegetable diet, I figured, salted pork was the way to go.

What was worth noting was that peasant dishes are the root of the history of Danish cuisine through the Industrial Revolution.  Which was good for my budget constraints and desire to donate 10% of the remainder each week to the local food bank at the end of the year.

Stegt flæsk med persillesovs (Fried, uncured bacon with parsley sauce)

In any event, Stegt flæsk med persillesovs (Fried, uncured bacon with parsley sauce) was only tasty due to the uncured bacon even though I tried to make the parsley sauce with the bacon fat to give it a little more flavor.

It is worth noting however, the boyfriend liked this dish since he found the sauce to be tasty enough to eat with all parts of the dish.  Without the sauce, this dish had no depth we concluded so it probably won't be high on the list of repeats any time soon, though who knows, I might get bored and say, parsley sauce and potato please!  Unlikely though.  Next week, we'll go back in time and hopefully we can get a little bit of flavor back onto our pallets.